Cisco Kid

I am Ready for Adoption
Gender: Male
Age: 5 years
Weight: 32 LBS
Color: Wheaten
Breed: Mixed Breed
Location: Etters, Pennsylvania
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More About Cisco Kid

Cisco just wants to be loved on and be in your lap. He’s a big boy at 37 lbs. and is also a big kisser!! We’re working on getting him settled and a bit calmer before he’s ready for adoption.


UPDATE 2/26/2023: One look into those warm, soulful eyes and you will see that our mixed boy is longing to find his future.  This five-year old guy spent his early years chained outside to a dog box – alone in the world and weather.  But Col. Potter took him in, and he has come to realize that there is much more to life than isolation and loneliness.

In his foster home, Cisco Kid is learning to be the dog he was meant to be…a sweet and loving boy.  He follows his person around with dedication and likes nothing more than to rest his chin on her knee.  Foster Mom is using positive training to teach him about living in a home.  She says he makes great eye contact, listens and learns.  He knows “sit” and how to “give her a paw,” and is learning rules and boundaries like a good dog.

UPDATE 2/26/2023: Cisco is also learning from the other dogs in his foster home – he loves playing chase in an endless circle.  It took him a while to begin to understand dog language, but her boys help correct him and he is catching on quickly.

A high energy kid (now that he’s glanced the good life), Cisco needs a fenced yard and a dog door to get his exercise…and perhaps a “job” like keeping your yard squirrel- and rabbit-free or taking you for long walks on leash.  He would do well as an only dog or with another dog near his size, so long as he is allowed to shadow and love on his person(s).  He might enjoy frolicking in a dog park down the road – once he understands dog language better.

Does your home need this loyal and loving fur-kid to make it complete?  Are you, too, looking for a best friend?  If so, please consider this “hunka’, hunka’ burnin’ love” with longing eyes and playful energy and apply to adopt Cisco Kid today!

UPDATE 12/28/2022: Cisco Kid is looking for a forever lap! His favorite thing is to put his head in someone’s lap and have a good rub. But, all Pitty lovers know that this is what all Pittys need in their lives, a person to love and room on the sofa! Cisco is 5 years old, up to date with his shots, and ready for someone to love him. His bags are packed, are you looking for a big lovebug?

UPDATE 10/11/2022: Cisco Kid is ready for his forever home! He has learned some manners (no counter surfing!; offer a paw and take treats gently!; etc.)
This boy is bigger than life, full of energy, and loved to cuddle in bed or on the sofa with any person he meets. In other words, he is a typical Pit mix. What else is in the mix, you ask? He is American Pitbull Terrier mixed with Bichon Frise! How wild is that? This means instead of a flat, sleek coat – Cisco has some curls. His coat is short and shaggy, with a bit of curl. He lets his foster mom strip it out just like other terrier breeds. Cisco needs some positive training to keep him on track, and someone that would love to have a big head in their lap!