I am Adopted
Gender: Female
Age: 5
Weight: 16 LBS
Color: White
Breed: Westhighland White Terrier
Location: Springfield, Virginia
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More About Celeste

Hi, everyone! Celeste here, and I am happy to tell you that my foster mom thinks I am R-E-A-D-Y to become the love of your life!

Seriously, take a look at my photos! Aren’t I just the cutest little gal you’ve ever seen? And I have a very “distinguishing” characteristic; my perky little floppy ear. It’s really my way of constantly winking at you and waving hello. Circumstances beyond my control put my little auditory appendage in this permanent position, but hey…some lassies have beauty marks, curvy figure and long legs. This is my unique and charming way of saying “hello, PLEASE BE MINE!”

As you can see in the latest picture of me, I simply adore my stuffed “babies”…my foster brothers and sister know that I am very protective of them, and everyone thinks I am just a cutie patootie when I carry them around with me when I go on a walk (have I mentioned that I need A LOT of practice walking on a leash without these babies-just so you know!)

Not sure what all this cuddling and being a lap means, just yet, but I bet with a lot of time and practice I will love being there just as much as I love being in my crate (and I do love my crate). However, I will let you bathe me, brush me, feed me, give me treats, sing to me (occasionally I will do an absolutely adorable Westie howl to let you know I see you and I need some attention), and egads…I will even let you clip my toenails and dry my paws when they get muddy….bet you can’t say that about most of the doggies out there!

Some, come on now…what are you waiting for??

Love, Celeste (SWAK)


Check back soon for updates