I am Adopted
Gender: Female
Age: 6 years
Weight: 22.6 LBS
Color: Black Brindle
Breed: Scottish Terrier
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina
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More About Belinda

Belinda is a beautiful Scottish terrier who was recently released from a commercial breeding facility after a life of having puppies. She is a sweet, sweet dog who absolutely loves all humans. Friends came over with a 10 and 12 year-old and I was a little worried how Belinda might react as these kids are pretty rowdy, and she was just delighted to meet them, all tail wags and kisses. She can be protective of toys when other dogs come close, probably a holdover from her breeding days. This may diminish once she is spayed, but it may be best for Belinda to be an only dog, or in a home with male dogs only. Belinda is scheduled to be spayed and have a dental cleaning, and then she is all set to be adopted. She is very quickly learning to potty outside, and hasn’t had an accident in the house in more than 2 weeks. She resists going out in the backyard, but once she is there she loves it and spends a long while doing a perimeter check and sniffing around. Belinda is starting to notice birds and squirrels, and chased a rabbit, but doesn’t seem to have a very strong prey drive. She absolutely adores napping on the couch with her head on someone’s leg, and sleeps quietly in her crate near her family. We are still working on leash training and neighborhood walks; she seems apprehensive and concerned by loud noises, but she is no shrinking violet. We moved her to the X pen while we are out of the room, and she has twice managed to get out of it, no one is entirely sure how! She is learning how much fun it is to be a dog and explore the world, and will make some lucky person a wonderful companion. Get your applications in now, she won’t be a foster dog for long!


UPDATE 2/8/2024: Belinda is all ready for her forever home. She was spayed recently, and got her teeth cleaned, and now she is all ready to be someone’s doggie. She loves to be where her people are, and is delighted to meet any human of any age. She now gets along just fine with my female westie, though we have taken the toys away to avoid any mishaps where Belinda gets confused and thinks the toy is her baby. She is very playful and races around the house, and has recently taught herself how to get up on her bed, which pleases her to no end. Belinda should go to a home that has some terrier experience, as she knows her own mind and can be stubborn like a terrier will do. She is 99% housebroken and loves to sniff around in the yard, and only occasionally chases a squirrel. Belinda is a wonderful companion–smart, funny, affectionate, strong-willed–and will make someone a great pet.