I am Ready for Adoption
Gender: Male
Age: 16 years
Weight: 27 LBS
Color: Black Brindle
Breed: Cairn Terrier
Location: Ambridge, Pennsylvania
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More About Abraham

Do you have room in your home and heart for a good boy who needs a loving home in his twilight years? Abraham is very much a sweet senior, and has the usual aches and pains that go with aging, but he was healthy enough to go through oral surgery to address the mouth pain he was suffering.

He’s pretty much ready for his forever, but we would like to see if we can get a handle on some intermittent tummy problems after he finishes his antibiotics. Abraham has arthritis and struggles with steps, so he will need someone who can help him get around if needed.

His behavior at meal time could be described as “scampering” – you’d hardly know he has arthritis….and we think his mobility will improve as he continues to lose a little bit of the extra weight he has been carrying.

If you are not “the one” for Abraham, please consider making a donation to help offset the considerable cost of a dental with 22 extractions.


UPDATE 2/1/2024: Abraham is doing well considering his age. He has settled in nicely with his pack. His Auntie Sharon thinks he may be part Corgi, as he has what she calls a “Corgi butt” (big booty) and a docked tail. He walks around much of the day, especially interested in following you in the hopes that the kitchen is your destination. He does very well with his low fat Rx diet, and he sleeps quietly through the night. Gets along with his brothers and sisters, and the various other dogs who come to visit. He needs someone who can be present for much of the day, and who is able to assist him in getting up and down any stairs he needs to navigate. He walks to the door and waits politely when he needs to go out, but he still wears a belly band when mom is out or too busy to notice his signals. He is a happy and pleasant old guy and deserves the best home. If you feel inclined to give an older dog a wonderful life with lots of TLC, Abraham might be your match!

UPDATE 12/21/2023: Abraham is pleased as punch to announce that he is ready for adoption. His tummy issues have been resolved with a simple change of diet and some probiotics. He is fine with wearing a belly band, which is highly recommended if he cannot be watched closely while roaming around the house. Abraham sleeps peacefully through the night, and does not need the belly band if crated or confined to an X-pen where he sleeps. He loves to sing (rather loudly) for his supper, so don’t be too poky getting the food in his bowl. (Otherwise, he’s very quiet.) A daily joint supplement seems to help with his mobility, but have some pain meds on hand for days when he needs a little extra help.

He had quite a few extractions when he had his dental, but that does not hamper him one bit at meal time. And his mouth must feel so much better with those bad teeth gone.

Abraham usually chooses to sleep in a dog bed, but he is able to use steps up to the couch to join his person and or doggy siblings.