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Colin Firth - I am Adoption Pending

Colin Firth, like his namesake the actor, will steal your heart. He's the perfect guy to star in your romantic comedy! Guy/girl meets dog, guy/girl gets dog. Guy/girl and dog live happily ever after. Colin Firth can be your Mr. Happily Ever After! Colin is a very sweet cairn mix. He is tall, dark and handsome, with floppy dark locks falling over his black eyes. Colin Firth is as sweet as can be and is happy to give licks to your hand while putting his nose in your palm. He is eager to please and wants to know the rules of the house so he can follow them. Colin hasn't barked since I've known him, even when the resident dog is barking like crazy, Colin stays the strong silent type. Even when the neighbor's dog barked at him, Colin didn't respond in kind. He gladly stops for my 7 year old neighbor to pet him every day. If your looking for a guy to star in your production of "Pride and Prejudice" Colin Firth can easily play the role of "Mr. Darcy!" The Oscar goes to Colin!
Gender: Male
Age: 8 years
Weight: 25.00 LBS
Color: Black Brindle
Location: Alexandria, Virginia

Special Considerations:

No Cats