Hi, I'm...
Cinnamon Girl
I'm ready for adoption

Petite and sweet, Cinnamon Girl is learning to find her way in a kinder world. Rescued from the streets, she may have had and nursed pups not long before she was found. When Cinnie (as we call her) arrived to foster care, she weighed only 10 pounds. She now weighs 11 pounds, but will likely always be small with a more delicate face and build. Initially Cinnamon Girl was fearful of her foster Dad and male visitors, much preferring foster Mom and female visitors. In a very short time, with gentle exposure and encouragement, she comes to foster Dad for pets, scritchies...and treats! She's doing well with house training, has learned commands "come" and "sit", and is moving forward positively with trust issues. She loves walks and delights in backyard time, every inch investigated and no squirrel or bird left un-barked! Cinnie is rambunctious, almost puppy-like in play, but can be fearful toward new dogs. Cinnamon Girl needs a bit more time to handle the new in her life, but will likely be available soon.
Gender: Female
Age: 3 years
Weight: 10.60 LBS
Color: Wheaten
Location: Fort Worth, Texas

Special Considerations:

No Cats, Escape Artist