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Christina is sweet, a completely delightful personality. Stated to be a Cairn-Schnauzer mix, her beautiful, expressive eyes will melt you. She has a gorgeous double coat, can see Cairn influence. Her previous owners were an elderly couple who could not provide the active lifestyle they knew Christina needed but they blessed her with love, trust and confidence and loved her enough to let her go. Christina, call name Tina, is named to honor Christina S. who was a key person in rescuing Col. Potters Golden Girls. Tina is loving, curious, intelligent, genuinely likes people she meets, does well with the home dogs, the dog next door, but is watchful of people we pass on walks making little “Wuufs” to let me know she has them spotted. She will likely be the leader in any future pack, winning that position by her confidence and personality, not any negative traits. Tina weighs 31.4 pounds, 10+# overweight but has checked into Fat Girl Bootcamp.. for health/well being. Available soon, apply now!!
Gender: Female
Age: 7 years
Weight: 28.00 LBS
Color: Wheaten
Breed: Mixed Breeds
Location: Peoria, Arizona