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Bike - I am Not Ready
I'm not ready for adoption

Meet little Bike, named for the playful things that kids do. Bike is indeed a playful little scamp, full of energy and fun. Although he has recently been separated from his litter mates, he has adjusted wonderfully. He enjoys a routine of eating, playing, napping, and cuddling with a human. Bike is able to entertain himself with toys and puppy kong toys. He has a delightful personality. He is only three months old, so he is just learning the basics. He sleeps well in his crate throughout the night, interested in the resident dogs, and does not seem to have any fear of thunderstorm or firework noise.

Bike still has to have the updated shots later in the month before he can go to his forever home, but stay tuned for updates on this darling little puppy. He could be the bright and shining ray of sunshine in your home.
Gender: Male
Age: 03/25/19
Weight: 7.00 LBS
Color: Wheaten
Breed: Cairn Terrier
Location: Topeka, Kansas