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Baby Ruth - I am Adopted
I'm already adopted!

Baby Ruth is small and sweet. Not as small as a Baby Ruth candy bar, but she will definitely provide far more lasting enjoyment and companionship.

This pint-sized barrel of energy loves to play with toys, go for walks, explore the yard, and she most loves to be with her person or people. She is a social butterfly, obtaining oohs and ahhs, and more than her fair share of pets when I walk her around my neighborhood, but don’t let her sweetness fool you; she is most definitely a terrier! On her first walk around my backyard, this 11.3 lb terrier flushed a Great Blue Heron – big flapping wings and all! – from creek side and a few seconds later, her Terrier-tude sent a groundhog who was slowly emerging from under a neighbor’s shed, back under cover!

Baby Ruth is still in her evaluation period but don’t wait too long to apply. This sweet, petite princess will most certainly have many suitors lining up to woo her with the best of treats!

Gender: Female
Age: 2 years
Weight: 11.30 LBS
Color: Red
Breed: Mixed Terrier
Location: Rochester, New York