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Azarro - I am not Ready
I'm not ready for adoption

Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Yeah that’s me being so happy and excited! I am Azarro and I am a Westie. (Fosta Mumma calls me ‘Zero” because she can't say Azarro fast enough to get my attention). Yes, sometimes I am fast, but it is because I am new to the world of being a ‘pet’, so everything is brand new and wonderful to me. Mumma says I have a puppy brain, so I have to learn the rules of being in the house and having manners. I am not afraid or skittish, but I am smart, so show me what you want from me and I will learn fast. I love being where you are, and will spread out on the couch in the evening to nap with you before I go to bed in my crate. I am really happy with all kinds of people and with other dogs. My resident Cairn is teaching me and we play together. I love being outside and cold and snow don’t seem to bother me. I am learning to use the outside for potty and exercise. I will also be learning to walk on a lead. I will be available for my new family as soon as I can accomplish this. Won't be long!
Gender: Female
Age: 7 years
Weight: 21.00 LBS
Color: White
Breed: Westhighland Terrier
Location: Green Bay, Wisconsin