Hi, I'm...
I'm already adopted!

Anisette is a petite dark brindle beauty who recently joined the Col. Potter Rescue Family. Although her background was that of a breeder dog, she has quickly adjusted to home life with her Foster Mom and resident dogs. Anisette is generally quiet, but has found her cairn spirit rather quickly. She loves to run and play with the resident dogs in the fenced yard, and has been accepted quite well by them. Squirrel patrol is a "profession" she is taking quite seriously. She is sweet and wags her tail when you speak to her. Her house training is progressing very well. Although she has only been here a week, she has not had an accident in several days. She plays heartily, but enjoys her quiet time as well. Her name is that of a fine wine, not too spicy, not too bland. That is exactly who Anisette is. She is still in the evaluation period and not yet ready for adoption. Stay tuned.
Gender: Female
Age: 6 years
Weight: 13.60 LBS
Color: Gray Brindle
Location: Topeka, Kansas