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The following is the adoption contract that must be signed by the adoptive home of a rescued Cairn Terrier.  This document is separate from the Adoption Application which can be found HERE.

This information will be provided by Cairn Rescue:

  • Date of Adoption
  • Name of Rescue placement entity if NOT placed through the Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network (all rescue entities now referred to as "Cairn Terrier Rescue")
  • Rescue Dog's Name, Breed, and Color
  • Dog's Age and Birth Date (if known)
  • Dog's Sex, whether Spayed/Neutered, and Date of Spay/Neuter (if known)
  • Distemper/Parvo vaccination dates (Vaccination history will be provided by the individual rescue entity.)
  • Rabies vaccination date (Young puppies may require a rabies shot to be taken care of by the new owner at their expense.)
  • Heartworm test (date & results). Heartworm testing will only be done in areas where heartworm is prevalent. Please discuss the necessity of heartworm testing and Lyme disease vaccinations with your personal vet in your area.
  • Heartworm preventative (type & date of last medication)
  • Flea preventative (type & date of last application)
  • Stool test (date & results of last test)
  • Parasite treatment (dates & reasons for treatment, if applicable)

The Rescue's new guardian will agree to the following:

I, _New Guardian Name , promise to provide the rescue dog described above (now referred to as the "Rescue") with a good, safe, warm home, quality food, clean water, all necessary medical care and love.

I understand that this Rescue may have been tested for heartworm, if heartworm is in the area where the Rescue was rescued from or fostered, and, if negative, is on heartworm preventative. I agree to continue giving this Rescue heartworm preventative in accordance with the direction of the veterinarian. I agree to have the Rescue visit the veterinarian for all necessary medical care not less than once a year. I also agree to comply with ALL applicable city/town, county, state and federal laws relating or pertaining to the care and treatment of canines and the responsibilities of dog ownership, and to keep the Rescue licensed and have identification with my name and telephone number on the Rescue at all times.

I understand that this Rescue is to live in the house. I agree that this Rescue will not be kept "outside" except for reasonable periods of time (play, potty, exercise, and other short periods). I further agree to provide a crate of suitable size (27L 20W 19H) for the Rescue to help it adjust to its adoptive home.

If I cannot keep this Rescue or provide appropriate care, I will immediately return this Rescue to Cairn Terrier Rescue. If my Rescue was obtained out of my area, I understand that I may be responsible for expenses relative to returning this Rescue to a new foster home and agree to pay them. I understand that I cannot sell or give this Rescue to another person, shelter, dealer, or business. If there is a need to have this Rescue rehomed in the future because of a change in health or lifestyle of the current adoptive home or otherwise, I agree that Cairn Terrier Rescue MUST be notified of the potential new owner (even if the new owner is related to me by blood, adoption or marriage) and have the opportunity to approve this home and update their records, prior to any change. I agree that Cairn Terrier Rescue representatives may enter my property and recover the Rescue if, in the sole opinion of Cairn Terrier Rescue, I have not complied with the terms of this Adoption Contract.

All notices to Cairn Terrier Rescue shall be given to the address, telephone and/or facsimile specified in this Adoption Contract, or to such other address; telephone and/or facsimile as Cairn Terrier Rescue may specify in writing from time to time.

I understand that the health of the Rescue is not guaranteed and that Cairn Terrier Rescue is not responsible for any defect the Rescue may have or develop. By adopting the Rescue, I agree to have the Rescue examined by a veterinarian at my expense. If the Rescue is under 6 months of age, I further agree to have the Rescue altered when it reaches 6 months of age at my expense. I realize that a "deposit" will be required and will be kept by Cairn Terrier Rescue until such a time as a spay/neuter is verified. At that time, it will be returned to me in full. If I fail to spay/neuter the Rescue as agreed herein, Cairn Terrier Rescue may recover the Rescue, and the deposit amount for the spay/neuter will not be returned.

If the Rescue was shipped to me on an airplane, or by any other method of transportation, I agree to immediately return the crate/kennel or to reimburse Cairn Terrier Rescue for the amount of the crate/kennel. I also understand that any shipping costs associated with the shipment of the Rescue and/or with the return of the crate/kennel are my responsibility, unless other arrangements have been previously made with Cairn Terrier Rescue, and I agree to pay this. I understand that Cairn Terrier Rescue is not selling the Rescue (whether for its own account or for any third parties account) and that any donation given to Cairn Terrier Rescue is a voluntary contribution towards the charitable work of caring for the animals. I understand that if this rescue is returned for any reason, that the voluntary contribution made to Cairn Terrier Rescue will not be refunded unless prior written arrangements have been previously made.

Rescue (through its officers, directors, representatives, volunteers and/or affiliates) has evaluated this Rescue's behavior to the best of its ability, it cannot and does not make any representation with respect to the Rescue's temperament. I agree to exercise prudence and caution when introducing the Rescue to a new situation until such time as the Rescue has become fully adjusted to its environment and I have had an opportunity to become familiar with the Rescue's personality. I agree that neither Cairn Terrier Rescue nor any of its officers, directors, representatives, volunteers and affiliates shall be held responsible should the Rescue prove to be any sort of danger to any other animals, humans or possessions. I further agree to hold harmless Cairn Terrier Rescue, its officers, directors, representatives, volunteers, affiliates and any other person who may have helped in any way with the placement of the Rescue for any liability or damages, should this Rescue become a problem to myself or others.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned has executed this Adoption Contract intending to be legally bound.

The adoptive home will provide the following information:

  • Signature of Dog's new Guardian
  • Printed name of Dog's new Guardian
  • Date
  • Home Address
  • Home and/or Business Phone Number(s)
  • Home and/or Business E-mail Address(es)
  • Home and/or Business FAX Number(s)

The Cairn Rescue representative will provide the following information:

  • Signature of Cairn Rescue representative
  • Printed name of Cairn Rescue representative
  • Adoption fee amount
  • Airline shipping crate fee amount (if any)
  • Airline required health certificate fee amount (if any)
  • Airline or ground transportation fee amount (if any)
  • Other fee amounts (if any)
  • PayPal payment surcharges if PayPal was used as the method of donation ($5.00)
  • Contact information for Rescue representative
  • Additional notes