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Adoption Application


Our primary form of contact with our adoption applicants is email, so please be sure to check your mailbox frequently for responses/information from us regarding your application.   

PLEASE remember to check your spam/junk folder as well.

--------------Thank you-CPCRN---------------


We are National

National, in this case, means we do NOT have a brick and mortar facility.  Instead our Board,

Officers, Volunteers and Foster Homes are located

all across the USA.




IMPORTANT:  As of 7/20/2020, if you applied to adopt a dog seven (7) years or younger, and a full terrier breed;  your application will not be processed , as we do not have any dogs that are in that category. Due to the high volume of applications and limited dogs in Col. Potter, we are forced to accept applications only for our long term fosters, i.e. senior dogs, dogs in our Mix It Up program, and/or dogs with ongoing medical issues.  If you apply for one of these dogs, we will process your application in a timely manner.  We have many, many homes who have been approved and are waiting for a younger dog and our volunteers are getting swamped and just cannot keep up with the volume. 

We also cannot accept any application from a Canadian home at this time due to the border being closed.  As soon as this pandemic is behind us, we will again open our applications to Canadian homes.  

If you submit an application you will receive an EMAIL confirmation of that app almost immediately. If you do not receive that email, we are sorry to say but your app did not submit (for any number of reasons), and you will have to resubmit.  Our website and application (forms) all work the same way and an email confirmation copy is always provided.  Thank you so much for your patience.  Make sure to check your SPAM folder.  Patience is the new normal.


Our primary form of contact with our applicants is email, so please be sure to check your mailbox frequently for responses/information from us regarding your application to adopt.   PLEASE remember to check your spam/junk folder as well.

Thank you-CPCRN

Please answer this "getting to know you" application with detailed answers.  ONLY through your complete answers will we be better able to help you determine which Col. Potter Foster Dog would be best suited to you.

If you intend to use an electronic fence as your primary means of containment, we cannot accept your application.  

We cannot guarantee any of our rescue dog’s behavior with children and cannot accept applications with children under 12 unless you already own or have owned a rescued dog during the child’s lifetime.  We reserve the right to deny an application based on the age of the child under 12 at the time of ownership.

The Fine Print

Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network (CPCRN) reserves the right to decide the placement of their rescue Foster Dogs. CPCRN reserves the right to deny placement of their rescue foster dogs.

By filling out the below application, you agree to notify CPCRN once you no longer are looking for a dog. You also agree to notify us if there are any changes in your household, which would relate to questions you have answered in this application.

You MUST be 21 years of age or older in order to apply to adopt a rescue Foster Dog through CPCRN. Photo identification may be required upon adoption.


Before applying to adopt any dog, PLEASE read the Adoption FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) section.  (

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