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Special Thank You


As of 8:30 p.m. CDT Tuesday Jun 16, the site was taken down. After 15 years of nurturing and the utmost love of people making the site as informative and wonderful to view, the lights have gone out. Managing the old site became a skill often seen from a brain surgeon.  Many thanks to all those volunteers that were a part of building the site and to have maintained the site over these past years.

The new website team  has worked to preserve the content of the old website and with input from other CP members enhance the information.  The new site displays the information in a manner that is professional and well organized. We still have pages to add. Over the next months this site will continue to evolve as more pages are added and new functionality included. 

This site represents almost 2 1/2 yrs of dedicated effort. This included numerous Monday evening calls to plan, and review our new web page site not to mention the many weekends and evenings adding pages updating and and meetings with the Officers and their teams. We have come to appreciate the work that is conducted to save the cairns. As we continue to mature the site and with our new partners at and Google, we hope to continue to transform our business using technology to its fullest.






We can only say that without Danielle, Amy, Lisa, Sandy and a special Cairn Terrier HUGE Thank you to Tammy (picture above holding Rheita (CP), Cassie (Cairn from puppy mill) and Hope (Westie)) for really being the driving force in bringing the site forward. As you look at this site recognize the work that your volunteer force has conducted. Personally I know too much about A records, domain names, email MX records and a host of other technical things that I knew Danielle would force me to learn. 

A special thanks to all those who have supported us and spent time providing input, comments and suggestions.  Finally to all our families for supporting our activities a special thank you.


 matt_forzley jordi_izsak jason_norman

We also wanted to thank our new friends at - Matt, Jordi and Jason (shown above). Without this team and their dedication to our success this site would not have happened. They demonstrated outstanding professionalism and patience with dealing with us as a volunteer organization. The results is this site. Col.Potter is pleased to have selected to be our partners.

Please enjoy the site and consider donating to support our cairns!