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Chula and Bonita rescued 2017

Welcome to Our Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network Website
For all, but especially for the Cairns

Welcome to our website, developed in 2014 with the guidance of our wonderful volunteers and American Eagle.  Quite a different look from the one we’ve had since 2001, and we are very proud of that and of the volunteers that have maintained that site over the years.  We especially want to thank all our team of the patience and feedback in helping to build this site.

Col. Potter has rescued nearly 4,400 Cairns or Cairn mixes, up to October 2017, in the course of our existence, another fact we are very proud of. 

Please feel free to peruse the site, meet our Board and Officers, find out who Col. Potter was.  Enjoy the site and all the work we lovingly put into it.  Stop in the stores, check out our affiliates, see what Cairns we have that need their forever homes.   We also ask that you consider providing a tax-free donation to help a cairn in need.

If you have any questions, you can contact us by using the email to the left.