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Written In Stone IV

What Is Written In Stone?

Almost five years ago, Theresa Stefancik (now Theresa Davies) came up with a great idea: there are so many great stories of beloved terriers written on various Cairn lists, they should be put together in a book format and the proceeds go to benefit Cairn Terrier Rescue. This dream became a reality and Written In Stone I became an immediate 'best seller.' Since then, two additional issues have been published. Last year, the amount of available books was doubled from 100 to 200, and they sold out immediately. This certainly has become a collector's item!

Cairn Terrier Rescue

The books have always been published and sold at cost, plus shipping and $10.00 per book to benefit Cairn Terrier Rescue. This year, the benefactor of your generous purchase and donation will be Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network. This corporation holds a not-for-profit exemption (see: Who We Are)

CPCRN sincerely appreciates your support in the past and thanks you in advance. Somewhere, a little Cairn Terrier will benefit from your generosity of time and talent, and of course by your purchase.

Danielle Rackstraw, Managing Editor, Sales and Promotion
Jill Arnel, Copy Editor
Jeanie Goodhope, Layout and Design

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Written In Stone IV

Order Information

Jill Arnel, Jeanie Goodhope and I are very proud to inform you all of the TREMENDOUS response we have received for WRITTEN IN STONE, the fourth edition!

Last year, we were very proud of our third edition; The fourth will SURPASS the last book, in both size, number of stories, and Cairn art and photographs. We won't have the final count on pages or stories for a few weeks, however we feel that WIS IV should be around 200 pages in size.

If you are not aware of the Cairn publication "WRITTEN IN STONE," please take a few minutes and read about this wonderful Cairn Rescue fundraiser by clicking here.

Orders: Written In Stone IV has only one printing and these sell out rapidly, so please get your orders in early.

How Many Books Will Be Offered?: We will have at least 200 books printed. Last year we doubled the number of books printed and we sold out completely in two months. The actual number of books printed will be determined by the number of pre-orders taken. This number will not exceed 400 books. WRITTEN IN STONE is a limited edition, and once sold out there will not be a reprint.

Book Cost And Donation: As always, the cost of the book is our actual costs only, PLUS $10.00 which has been added as a rescue donation, plus cost of shipment and insurance. With recent postal and insurance increases (two this year alone), plus a slight increase in printing costs, WIS IV will be $25.00, which includes Priority Mail delivery WITH insurance for those who reside in the United States. Details on payment and shipping are on the order form below.

When Can I Expect Delivery?: WIS IV is currently available and delivery should be made within ten days of payment.

What Rescue Groups Will Benefit From WIS IV?: This year, your rescue donations will be split between two Cairn Rescue groups: Col. Potter Cairn Terrier Rescue and Cairn Rescue Network. You may read about both of these not-for-profit/non-profit corporations by visiting Who We Are.

Once again, Jill, Jeanie, and I sincerely thank everyone for their participation in this worthy publication, both with your stories, art and photographs, and with your purchase.

With appreciation:
Danielle Rackstraw, Managing Editor, Sales and Promotion
Jill Arnel, Copy Editor
Jeanie Goodhope, Layout and Design

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WIS IV - Payment

Methods Of Payment: Personal check, cashiers check, or via PayPal.

Payment By Check: If payment is being made by personal or cashiers check, you may submit this online order form; However, once you receive your confirmation e-mail, you must PRINT IT OUT, INCLUDE YOUR PAYMENT, and SEND IT TO THE MAILING ADDRESS BELOW. Please make checks payable to COL. POTTER.

Paypal Payments: If you are paying via PayPal, you still MUST complete and submit the online order form. You may then make your PayPal payment for the number of books you desire by clicking PayPal button below. Your order form with your shipping information will be matched up to your PayPal payment.

Cost: $25.00 PER Book.
The above cost includes your donation amount of $10.00, US Priority Mail within the United States, and insurance. If you are ordering more than 3 books, you may subtract $2.00 per book ordered over 2 to adjust for shipping fees.

Foreign Orders: $30.00 U.S. PER Book.
Some countries may receive their books economy shipment due to extremely high postal rates.

Large Orders: If you are ordering more than 4 books, please contact Danielle directly at WIS@CairnRescue.com for a more accurate postal rate.

Mailing Address:
Danielle Rackstraw
PO Box 1354
Romoland, CA 92585-1354

To order via PayPal, click the following button:

Delivery Date: WIS IV is currently available and delivery should be made within ten days of payment
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WIS IV: Order Form
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Shipping Information

* Your Name:
* Delivery Address:

* City
* State/Prov
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* Country
* E-mail

Quantity & Total
The cost per book is $25.00. If you are ordering more than 1 book and/or live outside the U.S., please see the COST, FOREIGN ORDERS, and LARGE ORDERS instructions in the METHOD OF PAYMENT section above to determine the total cost.

* Number Ordered:
* Total Cost: $

If you have any questions about WIS or your order, please contact WIS@CairnRescue.com.

WIS is not currently for sale. We hope to have a new version in the future.

Thank you for your participation in this most worthy rescue project.
Somewhere a furry little Cairn will benefit by your generosity.

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